This page has been specially created for quick and convenient ordering of Biosan UV-recirculators with delivery in Latvia.

Description and principle of operation are available at UVR-M, UVR-Mi, test-report.

If available in the warehouse, shipping is possible within 1-2 business days.

Units available at the warehouse in Riga:

  • UVR-M, UV Cleaner–Recirculator - 150 pcs
  • UVR-Mi, UV Cleaner–Recirculator - 54 pcs
  • UVR-S, tripod - 30 pcs
UVR-M UV Cleaner–Recirculator
Price incl. VAT: €319.44

  • One 25W UV-lamp
UVR-Mi UV Cleaner–Recirculator
Price incl. VAT: €556.60

  • More powerful model with two 25W UV-lamps
  • Timer feature
  • LCD display
UVR-S stand
Price incl. VAT: €106.48

Total: €0.00

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