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Biosan provides high-quality and professional solutions for molecular diagnostic of various target detection utilizing Real-Time PCR, Fluorescent End Point, Capillary Electrophoretic and conventional electrophoretic technologies. We provide singleplex as well as multiplex kit formations in tubes, strips and PCR plates. Kits can be used on all popular platforms including Bioer, Labnet, Bio-Rad, Applied Biosystems, Rotorgene etc.

We offer kits for detection of:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Human Papilloma virus Infections - kits for genotyping and screening
  • TORCH-infections
  • Herpes-Virus Infections - detection of presence and viral load
  • Respiratory infections - single and multiple targets within one tube
  • Purulent septic infections - including MRSA and various antibiotic resistance detection
  • Neuro-Infections - Meningiditis, Enterococci etc.
  • Intestinal infections - Roto- and Noroviruses, Campilobacter species and H.pylori etc.
  • Especially dangerous and feral herd infections
  • Oncological disease
  • HIV and HIV-associated infections - HIV screen and viral load, P.jirovecii detection
  • Hepatitis viruses infections
  • Human Genetics - SNP polymorphism detection
  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Reverse transcription kits
  • Nucleic acid extraction kits (for manual and automated extraction)

Products have CE and RUO certification and line specific are also CE-IVD. Biosan provide full technical and information support for your desired application installation, maintenance as well as development of full individual solution including process and instruments to meet your the most highest demands.

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