Biosan Company is green sustainable environment policy supporter located in Latvia. Since Latvia is one of the greenest European countries with low CO2 emissions as well as one of the top 10 in share of energy production from renewable resources versus total production countrywide. Biosan decided to implement these country values also in its production process and pay attention to each production step to make it nature friendly as possible.

Research and development

Even before production engineering department spend time to research and develop products which should be easily disassembled and split into material fractions e.g. plastic, metal, PCB etc. to ease the process of recycling. When product upgrade is conducted development team try to reduce the weight and increase the performance of the unit without sacrificing its usability, it leads to better functionality and lower transport capacity and material consumption. To reduce the product impact on CO2 emissions a large part of manufactured equipment is low voltage equipment with small power consumption.


These intentions is kept in mind when project is transferred to manufacturing department, all materials used in manufacturing process have European certificate of conformity, majority of plastic parts are not painted because they already have appropriate brand color and used low melting point plastic help to further reduce the electricity consumption whereby CO2 emissions is reduced as well. Parts during manufacturing process is cleaned using closed loop bioremediation processes which help to reduce usage of harmful solvents which contain volatile organic compounds and may cause health and environment problems such as skin irritation or contaminated ground water.  To further reduce amount of volatile organic compounds the silk print process is gradually replaced by printed front panels. All leavings during manufacturing process are collected by material recycling companies.


Although our equipment packages are made of recyclable materials, we recommend users to keep and store packaging material for future shipment or storage of the unit as well as revert the unit after its service life to Biosan for disposal in its packaging, thereby reducing the necessity to produce new packaging material.

Packing materials:

Box, cardboard insert - corrugated cardboard (PAP 20)
        Foam insert, bubble-wrap, bag - low density polyethylene (LDPE 4)

Quality management system

Biosan complies and is certified with quality management system ISO 9001 also fulfills all requirements of ISO 14001. Biosan operations comply with the 2012/19/EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE-directive) and according marking is indicated on the product labels. Biosan is ready to receive the products after the service life for further passing for disposal. All products manufactured by Biosan comply with the requirements of the RoHS3 Directive 2015/863/EU.

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