The concept of development for Biosan called The World of Biotech-Innovatica. Four planetary systems with satellites — devices revolve around Terra Innovatica (biomaterial under research). We have marked out four planets — 4 contemporary diagnostic levels:

  1. Terra Genomica — diagnostics at the level of genes
    (DNA-analysis, oligonucleotide and mononucleotide polymorphism — ONP, SNP);
  2. Terra Immunologica — diagnostics at the level of immunology
    (detection of polymorphism of antibodies and immune response);
  3. Terra Biochemica (metabolomics) — diagnostics of metabolism products and ferment activity;
  4. Terra Cellomica — diagnostics at the level of cellular morphogenesis (cellular polymorphism).

The distance from the planet orbitals to Terra Innovatica corresponds to the time of disease detection at each level (from one week, as in the case of DNA-analysis, to several years, when the changes can be traced at the cellular level).

Satellites of 4 planets are specialised devices providing the instrumental basis for multilevel diagnostics, whereas the reagent sets make these satellites move. Consequently, by the World of Biotech-Innovatica we mean the direction of Biotechnology, responsible for the development of multilevel analysis sets (product lines).

We will be delighted if the result of our work — which has already received wide recognition of the scientific community — would be also of interest for you, particularly if it would serve as yet another starting point for the development of innovative biotechnologies and appearance of new planets and their satellites in the sky of the World of Biotech-Innovatica.


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