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A cost-effective range of multi-purpose systems combining Grant’s legendary quality and reliability. Precise temperature control for a wide range of laboratory applications.

  • Accurate and safe temperature control - for samples and users
  • Intuitive programming and thoughtful design features - makes working with Grant stirred baths and circulators easy
  • Robust, durable construction - for longevity, reliability and long-term low cost of ownership


Grant stirred baths and circulators provide a source of precision heating and cooling for many routine and sensitive analytical procedures including sample incubation, calibration and quality control testing.


  • specification for T100 + 5/12 litres plastic/stainless steel bath, other thermostats and water bath combinations available.
  • operation below ambient temperature requires accessory cooling C1G


Cooling/heating range ->
T100-P5 amb. +15 ... 99°C
T100-P12 amb. +5 ... 99°C
T100-ST5 amb. +15 ... 100°C
T100-ST12 0 ... 100°C
Stability at 70°C ±0.05°C
Uniformity at 70°C ±0.1°C
Setting resolution ±0.1°C
Tank volume 5 or 12 litres
Display 4 digit LED
No. of pre-set temperatures 3
Recalibration points 2
Safety overtemperature fixed
Heater power (230 V) 1.3 kW
Height above tank rim 200 mm
Depth below tank rim 135 mm
  • Cat. Nr.
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    T100-P5 EURO
    T100-P5 (plastic, 5 litres)
    T100-P12 EURO
    T100-P12 (plastic, 12 litres)
    T100-ST5 EURO
    T100-ST5 (stainless steel, 5 litres)
    T100-ST12 EURO
    T100-ST12 (stainless steel, 12 litres)

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