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For rotor R-12/10, R-24/10 optional adapter set (12 pcs) - BN-13/100 for vacutainers 4-8 ml


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    For rotor R-12/10, R-24/10 optional adapter set (12 pcs) - BN-13/100 for vacutainers 4-8 ml
  • LMC-3000 is a modern low-speed bench-top centrifuge designed for operation with microtest plates and centrifuge tubes up to 50 ml. This device is widely used in biomedical profile laboratories.

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    Laboratory bench-top centrifuge with refrigeration LMC-4200R provides temperature control of biomaterial during centrifugation. Temperature control of the so-called “cold-shelf” is a gold standard for enzymologists and cell biologists because it ...

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    Swing-out rotor for round bottom centrifuge tube.

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