Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate


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Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i is magnetic stirrer of the new generation. Enclosures of stirrers are made of metal painted with powder enamel chemically  resistant to acids and alkali. The stirrers are equipped with a detachable stand for supporting various sensor elements (temperature, pH and others) inside the stirred liquid.

The stirrers are supplied with a cylinder-shape magnetic stirring bar (6 × 25 mm) for universal use  covered with Teflon.

Units are equipped with the overheat protection providing an automatic switch-off of the device when overheating for the set temperature difference occurs.

Magnetic stirrers with heating can be used for laboratory operations such as organic synthesis,  extraction, analysis of oil products, pH-measurements, dialysis, soil suspending, preparing buffer solutions, etc.

Additional protection  disables the heating, if the temperature of plate exceeds the set temperature for 30°C.

Operation temperature range +4°С to +40°С (from  cold rooms to incubators) at maximal relative humidity 80%.

Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i is a digital version of magnetic stirrer with heating; it is designed for laboratories with higher requirements. It offers digital setting and control of temperature and rotation speed.

A powerful magnet allows mixing solutions with glycerine viscosity level. Maximum volume of stirred liquid (water) is 20 litres.

An external probe provides direct control of the stirred liquids temperature.


Speed control range 100-1250 RPM (10 rpm increment)
Max. stirring volume (water) 20 litres
Plate temperature regulation range +30°C...+330°C (1°C increment)
Temperature control range with external probe +20°C...+150°C
Temperature uniformity on the plate ±3°C
Display LCD
Working plate heating time till 330°C 11 min
Maximum continuous operation time 168 h
Diameter of working plate 160 mm
Working surface material Aluminium alloy
SR-1, attachable stand size Ø 8 × 320 mm
Length of magnetic stirring element 20–70 mm
Max. stirring liquid viscosity up to 1170 mPa.s
Fault indication Outputs an error code on the display, turns off the heating
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 190x270x100 mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Power consumption (Stirring) 8.5 W
Power consumption (Heating) 550 W
Nominal operating voltage 230 V; 50/60 Hz or 120 V; 50/60 Hz
---- ----
External temperature probe ->
Probe type Thermocouple
Connection type K
A cable is covered with Teflon, mechanically strong, elastic and chemically stable agaist oils, acids, agressive reagents and liquids +
Cable length 1 m
Operation temperature range –50°С to +250°С
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    230VAC 50/60Hz Euro plug
    230VAC 50/60Hz UK plug
    230VAC 50/60Hz AU plug
    100VAC 50/60Hz US plug, 120VAC 60Hz US plug
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  • HTP-1, holder for temperature probe

    An external probe provides direct control of the stirred liquids temperature. 

    The cable is covered with Teflon, mechanically strong, elastic and chemically stable against oils, acids, aggressive reagents and liquids

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