Dear partners, colleagues and friends, we kindly invite you to get acquainted with presented new innovative equipment at Biotechnica 2013.


New innovative equipment introduced by Biosan at Biotechnica 2013.


RTS-1 — Single–Use Mini–Bioreactor with Real Time Cell Growth Logging and Innovative Reverse–Spin® Mixing Technology with GEM-4 Module — a 10 Channel Fluorometer for Real-time Gene Expression Detection of the Fluorescent Tag Proteins!

The heading may sound complicated, but in the reality both the RTS-1 and GEM-4 are the compact and easy-to-use instruments that biotechnologists have dreamed about. They are 5 Instruments together:

  • Innovative Non–Invasive Mixer
  • Real-Time Online OD Scanner with Linear Range Equivalent up to 25 OD (λ600 nm)
  • Thermostat with Active Heating/Cooling and Temperature Profiling
  • Real-Time Gene Expression Monitoring Using Fluorescent Tag Proteins (with GEM-4 Module)
  • Software for Logging and Saving Experiment Results from Multiple RTS-1 Devices, 3D Results Representation, and Option for Remote Monitoring


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MPS-1 — High–Speed Multi Plate Shaker

High–Speed Multi Plate Shaker MPS-1 can be used in virtually any application by providing adjustable mixing of reagents in microtest plates, PCR plates, deepwell plates and test tubes (shaking tubes 0.2 to 2 ml and vortexing any volume up to 50 ml). 

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TS-DW, Thermo–Shaker for Deep Well Plates

TS-DW is designed for shaking and thermostating deep well plates. A multisystem principle, used in design of the Thermo–Shaker, allows operating it as 3 independent devices: 

  • Incubator
  • Plate shaker
  • Thermo–Shaker

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TLC-S, Thermostated Laminar Flow Cabinet, Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

Thermostated Laminar Flow Cabinet TLC-S is a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), specially designed for cell culture bioprocessing. 

Besides HEPA-filtered sterile air flow the TLC-S has 2 additional options:

  • Temperature controlled (at 60°C), sterilized laminar air flow. 
  • UV-air recirculation systems for DNA/RNA inactivation in the recirculated air.

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