Announcement - MSC-2P, Centrifuge/Vortex for PCR plates

MSC-2P is a compact sized digital centrifuge intended to collect droplets, mix reagents and collect once more for improved PCR yield in subsequent analysis. The combination of spin-mix functions ensures fast operation, thorough mixing and repeatable results. Centrifuge rotor can accommodate 2 unskirted PCR plates at the same time, thus saving time considerably.

MSC-2P is possible to operate in 4 independent modes:

  • Centrifuge — Max. 1500 RPM
  • Vortex — soft, medium, hard
  • Centrifuge/Vortex — combined two motion types
  • Spin-mix-spin algorithm — up to 10 cycles

The spin-mix-spin algorithm (SMS-algorithm) is designed to collect (or reset) micro volumes of reagents to the bottom of the PCR plate tubes (the first centrifugation or spin), then vortexing (mix) and re-collecting reagents (repeated spin) from the walls and cover. This repetitive algorithm of operations, aimed at reducing sample preparation errors, we call the SMS algorithm.

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