FV-2400 Micro-Spin, Mini-Centrifuge/Vortex


Mini-centrifuge/vortex Micro–Spin FV-2400 is specially designed for genetic engineering research (for PCR–diagnostics experiments). Units can be used in microbiological, biochemical, clinical laboratories and industrial biotechnological laboratories.

Micro–Spin provides simultaneous mixing and separation of samples, using centrifuge and mixing modules, located on the common spin–module.

FV-2400 is an “open type” centrifuge (without lid), that increases the speed of centrifugation and resuspension operations.


Continuous and impulse operation modes +
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 120x170x120 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Nominal operating voltage 120 or 230 V; 50 Hz
Rotation speed (fixed) 2800 rpm
Max. RCF 500 x g
Power consumption (230V / 120 V) 30 W (0.13 A) / 30 W (0.27 A)
---- ----
Nominal operating voltage 120 or 230 V; 60 Hz
Rotation speed (fixed) 3500 rpm
Max. RCF 700 x g
Power consumption (230V / 120 V) 25 W (0.1 A) / 30 W (0.27 A)

Cat. Nr.

FV-2400 incl. rotors R-1.5M, R-0.5/0.2M & power plug
BS-010201-AAA 230VAC 50/60Hz Euro plug
BS-010201-AAB 230VAC 50/60Hz UK plug
BS-010201-AA3 230VAC 50/60Hz AU plug
BS-010201-AAC 100VAC 50/60Hz US plug
BS-010201-AAC 120VAC 60Hz US plug
---------------- Optional accessories
BS-010205-DK Rotor R-2/0.5/0.2
BS-010205-CK Rotor R-2/0.5
BS-010202-AK Rotor SR-16
BS-010201-EK Rotor SR-64
BS-010201-CK IQ OQ document
BS-010201-DK PQ document
---------------- Replacement parts
BS-010201-AK Rotor R-1.5M
BS-010201-BK Rotor R-0.5/0.2M


  • R-1.5M

    rotor for 12 x 1.5/2 ml microtest tubes

  • R-0.5/0.2M

    rotor for 12 x 0.5 ml and 12 x 0.2 ml microtest tubes

  • R-2/0.5

    rotor for 8 x 2/1.5 ml and 8 x 0.5 ml microtest tubes

  • R-2/0.5/0.2

    rotor for 6x2/1.5 ml + 6x0.5 ml + 6x0.2 ml microtest tubes

  • SR-16

    rotor for 2 x 8-section 0,2 ml microtube strips

  • SR-64

    rotor for 8 x 8-section 0,2 ml microtube strips - for any type of strips including paired

Frequently asked questions

Why does the appliance has two values of speed?

The speed of the unit depends on the frequency of mains power supply. 2800 rpm for networks running at 50 Hz, 3500 rpm for networks running at 60 Hz.