• New catalog 2015-2016

    Biosan has released a new catalog 2015-2016. The catalog contains already known devices, updated devices with new features and accessories, as well as new instruments and announcements.

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  • New feature in DEN-1 and DEN-1B - restore factory calibration settings

    The new version of densitometers DEN-1 and DEN-1B has an option to restore the calibration set by the manufacturer. The user can install individual calibration...

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  • New feature in LMC-3000 and LMC-4200R – brake on/off

    It is now possible to switch off forced braking in laboratory centrifuges LMC-3000 and LMC-4200R. This feature enhances...

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  • New video - TS-DW, Thermo–Shaker for Deep Well Plates

    Video tells about the characteristics and unique features of the thermo-shaker for deep well plates, and about the accessories available for TS-DW.

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