• The FAQ section for personal bioreactors RTS-1 and RTS-1C

    We have developed a new section – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about personal bioreactors RTS-1 and RTS-1C.

    The FAQ section is designed to answer typical questions regarding innovative RTS technology and its possible applications...

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  • New Videos: vortexes V-1 plus, V-32, MSV-3500

    New videos about vortexes V-1 Plus, V-32 and MSV-3500 are out. Videos demonstrate the use of devices, their features and advantages, as well as available accessories.

    Watch the video: V-1 plus
    Watch the video: V-32
    Watch the video: MSV-3500

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  • Change of factory calibration of densitometers DEN-1 and DEN-1B

    We herewith inform about the change of densitometers factory calibration to glass tubes of 16 mm outer diameter...

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  • New features of Multi Bio RS-24 and Multi RS-60 rotators

    A new feature of programmable rotators Multi Bio RS-24 and Multi RS-60 allows to choose the position of tubes for rocking motion - horizontal or vertical...

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