MagSorb-16 Magnetic Rack for Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction


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Biosan presents the complete line of necessary instrumentation to utilize magnetic bead extraction kits and protocols from various manufacturers and meet the most demanding user requirements.

The one of the foundations of this line is MagSorb-16 which is a magnetic rack that easily accommodates up to 16 single use tubes (1.5–2 ml). The rack consists of following parts: tube mounting racks and magnetic stand.

Magnetic beads based NA extraction methods offer quick and efficient separation of genetic material from cellular leftovers. Wide variety of commercially available extraction kits manufactured by companies like ThermoFisher Scientific, Promega, Qiagen etc. are available in the market.

Our MagSorb-16 magnetic rack can be used together with any manufacturers magnetic beads based NA extraction  reagents, that allow working in 1.5- 2.0 ml tube format.


Number of places in stand 16
Tube's volume 1.5 - 2 ml
Tube's manufacturer Eppendorf or equivalent

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