Announcement - upgraded versions of TS series thermo-shakers with additional 12 new platforms

New upgraded versions of TS-100, TS-100С and TS-100C Smart thermo-shakers are designed for intensive mixing of various reactions vessels in a temperature-controlled environment. The TS-100C model of thermo-shaker differs from TS-100 in the possibility of cooling samples down to +4°C. The TS-100C Smart allows for PC communication via USB and software.

New upgraded versions introduce 12 new platforms, platform-fit racks for sample handling, individual temperature calibration for each platform and automatic temperature calibration adjustment via platform detection system, as well as, other features that meet the highest expectations of users.

The new 12 platforms are compatible only with the new versions of the thermo-shakers. Within one model of thermoshaker, the blocks are mutually interchangeable and can be easily installed.

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