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ScienCell Research Laboratories (ScienCell) is an expanding biotechnology company whose mission is the research and development of cell and cell-related products for experimental and therapeutic use. The ScienCell technology provides a variety of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture media and reagents, cell growth supplements, cell-derived DNA, RNA, and proteins, cell-based assay kits, and stem cell products for the research community. To complement our vast array of primary cells, we offer specialty medium designed to selectively promote unique cell growth, including STEMium™, which allows for the optimal growth of human pluripotent stem cells under feeder-free condition. Scientists at ScienCell are also studying and developing cell therapeutic strategies that will significantly improve the quality of life by utilizing the cell's ability to combat human degenerative disorders. We are based in San Diego, California and established in 1999.

Biosan is official distributor  in the Baltic territory - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia from 2010 also we can distribute to any other countries in which ScienCell currently do not have official representative.

Human and Animal Primary CellsHuman and Animal Primary Cells
We offer 24 normal human cell systems with over 140 different cell types. We also provide normal animal cells as well as cell-derived cDNA, RNA, and proteins.

Cell Culture MediaCell Culture Media
We have developed various media to help you with the specific needs of different cell types. By using ScienCell media, you are assured of a consistent, quality environment for your studies.

Human Pluripotent Stem CellsHuman Pluripotent Stem Cells
We are pleased to introduce a new line of products specially designed for human pluripotent stem cells, including human embryonic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells.

We have developed various reagents to help you with the specific needs of different cell types. By using our reagents, you are assured of a consistent, quality environment for your studies.

Molecular BiologyMolecular Biology
Molecular biology is the study of molecular process of replication, transcription and translation of the genetic material. Much of the work in molecular biology is quantitative, and recently much work has been done at the interface of molecular biology and computer science in bioinformatics.

Our goal is to help you with your efforts by providing custom services upon request. ScienCell caters to any special needs in cell type, quantity, isolation and preparation methods.


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