PSU-10i, Orbital Shaker


Shaker PSU-10i provides regulated orbital motion of the platform and is designed for use both in small specialized biotechnological laboratories and in large multidisciplinary laboratories: a choice of five (5) interchangeable platforms provides the possibility of performing various procedures and techniques.

Shaker PSU-10i incorporates a direct drive system, a brushless motor with a guaranteed service life up to 35,000 hours and an automatic loading balancing system. These innovations allow for continuous mixing up to 7 days, ensure reliable, trouble-free operation for more than 2 years and significantly expand the range of the device performance in both high and low limits.

Shaker can be used in cold rooms or incubators, operating at ambient temperature range +4°C to +40°C.


Speed control range 50 - 450* RPM (increment 10 rpm) *max. speed depends on the load and vessels' shape
Digital speed control +
Maximum continuous operation time 168 hr
Orbit 10 mm
Digital time setting 1 min–96 hrs / non–stop
Maximum load 3 kg
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 220x205x90 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Input current/power consumption 12 V, 470 mA / 5.7 W
External power supply Input AC 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V

Cat. Nr.

PSU-10i with external power supply unit w-out platform
BS-010144-AAN 230VAC 50/60Hz Euro plug
BS-010144-AAK 230VAC 50/60Hz UK plug
BS-010144-AAK 230VAC 50/60Hz AU plug
BS-010144-AAK 100VAC 50/60Hz US plug
BS-010144-AAK 120VAC 60Hz US plug
---------------- Optional accessories
BS-010116-AK Platform Bio PP-4
BS-010108-AK Platform UP-12
BS-010108-FK HB-200 additional holding bar for UP-12
BS-010108-EK Platform P-12/100
BS-010108-DK Platform P-6/250
BS-010116-BK Platform P-16/88
BS-010144-AK IQ OQ document
BS-010144-BK PQ document


  • UP-12

    Universal platform with adjustable bars for different types of flasks, bottles, and beakers with silicone mat. Working area 270x195 mm

  • HB-200

    Additional holding bar for UP-12

  • Bio PP-4

    Flat platform with non-slip silicone mat for Petri dishes, culture flasks, agglutination cards 230x230 mm

  • P-6/250

    Platform with clamps for flasks, 250 - 300 ml (6 places) 250x190 mm

  • P-12/100

    Platform with clamps for flasks, 100 - 150 ml (12 places) 250x190 mm

  • P-16/88

    Platform with spring holders for up to 88 tubes up to 30 mm diameter (e.g.10 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml tubes) 275x205x75 mm


Frequently asked questions

How long is a service life of a PSU-10i motor?

PSU-10i has a direct drive system and brushless motor with a service life up to 35 000 hours.

Is it possible to order additional holders for UP-12 platform?

Yes, it is possible to order additional holders for UP-12 platform. Please order HB-200, Additional holding bar for UP-12, Cat.number BS-010108-FK.

If I move around PSU-10i there is a strange metal sound inside it. Is it broken?

No,the shaker is not broken. The sound is made by a balancing system.

Does the maximum load include the weight of the platform and mat ?

Declared maximum load applies only on useful load and does not require taking into account the weight of the platform and mat.