Multi RS-60, Programmable rotator


Programmable Rotator Multi RS-60 performs several motion types in one module. Microprocessor control allows performing not only Vertical rotation (1) of the platform, but also Reciprocal rotation (2) as well as Vibration (3). These three motion types can be performed separately,  pairwise and in cycles, periodically repeating the sequence of three motion types. Multi–rotation option of Biosan instruments substantially expands possibilities and enhances efficiency of sample preparation for the examined materials and allows adjusting the mixing procedure according to the individual tasks.

Programmable Rotator can be used for variety of applications in modern life science laboratories: for hybridization reactions, cell growing, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solutions, as well as for reactions of binding and washing of magnetic particles.

During the stop mode the platform does not perform extra turnover and stops in a horizontal plane. Additionally there is a possibility of setting the plane with respect to which platform oscillates vertically or horizontally.*



Vertical rotation speed control range 1–100 rpm (increment 1 rpm)
Vertical rotation movement overhead, 360°
Vertical rotation time setting range 0 - 250 sec
Reciprocal rotation speed control range 1–100 rpm (increment 1 rpm)
Reciprocal rotation tilt angle range 1° - 90° (increment 1°)
Reciprocal rotation time setting range 0 - 250 sec
Vibro rotation tilt angle range 0º - 5°(increment 1°)
Vibro rotation Pause / Vibro time setting range 0 - 5 sec
Digital time setting 1 min–24 hrs / non–stop (increment 1 min)
Maximum load 0.8 kg
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 430x230x230 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Input current/power consumption 24 V, 750 mA / 18 W
External power supply Input AC 100–240 V; 50/60 Hz; Output DC 24 V

Cat. Nr.

Multi RS-60 incl. PRS-48 & external power supply unit
BS-010118-AAI 230VAC 50/60Hz Euro plug
BS-010118-AAQ 230VAC 50/60Hz UK plug
BS-010118-AA4 230VAC 50/60Hz AU plug
BS-010118-AA2 100VAC 50/60Hz US plug
BS-010118-AA2 120VAC 60Hz US plug
---------------- Optional accessories
BS-010118-AК Platform PRS-8/22
BS-010118-ВК Platform PRS-14
BS-010118-DK IQ OQ document
BS-010118-EK PQ document
---------------- Replacement parts
BS-010118-CK Platform PRS-48


  • PRS-14

    14 tubes 20-30 mm diameter (50 ml tubes)

  • PRS-48

    48 tubes 10-16 mm diameter (1.5 ml-15 ml tubes)

  • PRS-8/22

    8 tubes 20-30 mm diameter (50 ml tubes), 22 tubes 10-16 mm diameter (1.5 ml-15 ml tubes)