AMPS-L, Multifunctional air purification system


Air Multi Purification System - Large or AMPS-L is a new unit in the line of Biosafety Air products from the company Biosan, belongs to a class of professional appliances. The concept of this device is aimed at efficient filtration and air disinfection, using parts of the highest quality and only components and methods that proved to be effective in air purification. AMPS-L is the most powerful system of air purification in the line of Biosafety Air products from the Biosan.

Air purification by UV irradiation is provided by 4 × 24W UV lamps with maximum UV radiation level of 15 mW/cm2/sec for the  decontamination of pathogenic microorganisms or viral particles.

Filtration is provided by HEPA H14 filter with 99.995% efficiency. This highest grade HEPA filter provides very effective filtration of particles  that include allergens, dust and microorganisms. HEPA H14 filters are typically used in class II BSc and clean rooms.

Two prefilters are situated on both intake sides of the device. The prefilter has a microfiber layer that filters all particles larger than 0.45μm. In addition, the prefilter has activated carbon layer that adsorbs odours and gases e.g. ozone, nitrogen dioxide.

The high productivity and air filtration quality of the unit makes it possible to apply it in laboratories, health care facilities, treatment rooms, food production areas, auditoriums and conference rooms, as well as living rooms, apartments and offices. During one hour through the system can flow from 100 to 700 m3 of air.

The device has a clear and intuitive interface. UV lamp and filter replacement warning indicators are located on the control panel of the device, as well as airflow regulation knob.

The device is equipped with castors to facilitate its mobility.