New feature in LMC-3000 and LMC-4200R – brake on/off

It is now possible to switch off forced braking in laboratory centrifuges LMC-3000 and LMC-4200R. This feature enhances...

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New video - TS-DW, Thermo–Shaker for Deep Well Plates

Video tells about the characteristics and unique features of the thermo-shaker for deep well plates, and about the accessories available for TS-DW.

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Accessories for Centrifuge-Vortex CVP-2

Centrifuge-Vortex CVP-2 is intended for the implementation of "spin-mix-spin" algorithm (effective mixing and sedimentation of reactants) for PCR plates of different types...

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A new version of PST-60HL and PST-60HL-4: auto-diagnostics of faults

A new version of PST-60HL and PST-60HL-4 thermo-shakers can detect and inform the user about the temperature control failure...

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New features of DB-10C

In DB-10C, dry block thermostat for cuvettes, the maximum temperature has been increased up to +60°C and the temperature calibration function has been added.

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Microspin 12: New Lid for spin-columns

The new enlarged lid for the rotor, MSL-SC, allows you to expand the scope of centrifuge applications. Microspin 12 can now be used for centrifugation of spin columns.

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New silicone mats for platforms Bio PP-4S, PP-4 and UP-12

New silicone mats for platforms Bio PP-4S, PP-4 and UP-12 will replace current standard rubber mats for shakers MR-1, 3D, Multi Bio 3D and PSU-10i, ES-20, respectively.

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The maximum load increased on the mini-shaker MR-1 and 3D

In 2011 Biosan improved design of MR-1 and 3D shakers and introduced direct drive system and brushless motor that provided reliable long-term operation of the device and 2 year warranty.

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New products – ultrapure water systems

Labaqua Bio system produces water with very low organic and RNase/DNase content that is intended for the use in molecular biology.

Labaqua HPLC produces water with very low organic carbon (TOC) content...

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