ISO 9001:2009 certificate

We are pleased to inform that on 15 April, 2016 company Biosan successfully passed regular supervisory audit and received certificate confirming conformity of its quality management system to ISO 9001:2009 requirements.

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New sections “FAQ” and “References” are launched

We have introduced two new sections on our website – “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) and “References”. Both sections can be found on the instrument's page toolbar.

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The FAQ section for personal bioreactors RTS-1 and RTS-1C

We have developed a new section – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about personal bioreactors RTS-1 and RTS-1C.

The FAQ section is designed to answer typical questions regarding innovative RTS technology and its possible applications...

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New Videos: vortexes V-1 plus, V-32, MSV-3500

New videos about vortexes V-1 Plus, V-32 and MSV-3500 are out. Videos demonstrate the use of devices, their features and advantages, as well as available accessories.

Watch the video: V-1 plus
Watch the video: V-32
Watch the video: MSV-3500

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Change of factory calibration of densitometers DEN-1 and DEN-1B

We herewith inform about the change of densitometers factory calibration to glass tubes of 16 mm outer diameter...

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New features of Multi Bio RS-24 and Multi RS-60 rotators

A new feature of programmable rotators Multi Bio RS-24 and Multi RS-60 allows to choose the position of tubes for rocking motion - horizontal or vertical...

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New blocks for TS-DW thermo-shaker for Starlab® and Axygen® deep-well plates

New blocks have been developed for TS-DW, thermo-shaker for deep-well plates: B-06A is for Axygen® 96-well plates with a well volume of 600 μl and B-2SL for Starlab® 96-well plates...

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A new feature in Bio TDB-100 and TDB-120 dry block thermostats

A temperature calibration function has been added to Bio TDB-100 and TDB-120 dry block thermostats. The new feature provides higher temperature accuracy for sample incubation.

New catalog 2015-2016

Biosan has released a new catalog 2015-2016. The catalog contains already known devices, updated devices with new features and accessories, as well as new instruments and announcements.

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New feature in DEN-1 and DEN-1B - restore factory calibration settings

The new version of densitometers DEN-1 and DEN-1B has an option to restore the calibration set by the manufacturer. The user can install individual calibration...

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